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Roots Radio on Demand

11 Feb

Looking for some great roots & blues music? Paul Harvey, a veteran radio personality based in the Netherlands, has a great radio-on-demand program. Paul has promoted, interviewed, and brought many great musicians to Amsterdam over the years. For example, he was the first person to interview Derek Trucks on European radio, and organized his first three concerts in Europe. His show not only presents some fantastic music, but Paul also gives you the story behind the music. Do yourself a favor and check this out.

Paul Harvey interviews Derek Trucks & Barbara Dennerlein

5 Oct


Paul Harvey & Derek Trucks

NOTE: March 1, 2009 – this is not the late Paul Harvey of American radio.

Paul Harvey of NPS Radio 6 in the Netherlands knows music. In 2003 he interviewed Derek Trucks by telephone – Derek’s first radio interview in Europe. Paul was quick to recognize Derek’s extraordinary talent and set about organizing a highly creative series of concerts featuring the Derek Trucks Band along with several special guests. Under the interview is an introduction to the event that took place in October of 2005 written by Paul :

This is the portion of the 2005 interview that aired on Dutch radio: Continue reading