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Rest in Peace U. Srinivas

3 Oct

A true maestro of the mandolin.

His talent was like a dazzling light, his countenance was as luminous as the moon, and his dedication to music was as constant as the ocean’s tides. Last year I had the privilege of seeing him in concert in Germany and meeting him afterwards. He radiated joy and kindness and his youthful appearance belied his age.
On September 9th I was scheduled to interview him for AllAboutJazz.com, but received word the day before that he had been rushed to the hospital and was fighting for his life. His latest work “Bombay Makossa” with the all-star group he formed with Etienne Mbappe and Ranjit Barot (from the legendary John McLaughlin group) was released September 16, 2014. Listening to it you might imagine he had grown up in Africa, and it gives listeners an inkling of the breadth of this musical virtuoso’s incredible gift. My sincere condolence to his family in this difficult time.