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Duane Allman @ 70

6 Nov


This month marks Duane Allman’s 70th birthday. If you are a fan be sure to check out Talking2musicians.  There’s an epic profile piece, lots of b/w photos brought to life with color, and audio from six Grammy winners talking about Skydog.


A Duane Allman Experience

24 Mar


Seeing Duane Allman play live was a life altering event for me. Just as we’ve come to accept the notion of a soulmate, I personally believe there is a musical equivalent. Locked in our core, each of us has musical soul waiting to be set free, and if we’re fortunate we’ll encounter the key. In my case it happened while I was still a teenager, when I experienced Duane Allman on stage at the Peabody Auditorium in Daytona Beach, Florida – September 16, 1970 to be exact. Continue reading