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Duane Allman @ 70

6 Nov


This month marks Duane Allman’s 70th birthday. If you are a fan be sure to check out Photo tab on Talking2musicians with lots of b/w photos brought to life with color  There’s also my epic Duane Allman profile piece on the web most popular jazz website, AllAboutJazz.

Favorite Photo of All Time

2 Sep

The After Hours Version

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

click photo to see in full size

Javier Colon: Flashback with the Derek Trucks Band

22 May

Javier Colon is a fresh face to most people, but longtime fans of the Derek Trucks Band remember him from his nearly two years with the band.  It’s been almost ten years since he left the band to pursue a solo career, and it’s great to see him finally gaining the recognition he deserves.

Curious about what he sounded like with the Derek Trucks Band back in 2001?  Have a listen: Continue reading

Guitar Magic – Carlos Santana with Derek Trucks

8 Oct

11 dt cs

Can you believe this!?!

Can you believe this!?!

8 dt csspoke with Derek Trucks about Carlos Santana  just before the Allman Brothers’ big 40th anniversary and concert run at the Beacon Theater in NYC.  Of course there was no sense in asking him if Eric Clapton or Santana would be dt csshowing up at the Beacon, all of the band was sworn to secrecy.  As we know, E.C. did show up.  He played two nights and it certainly lived up to all my personal expectations.  I thought to myself, it just doesn’t get any better than this – and then I saw the clips of Carlos Santana sitting in with the Derek Trucks Band on April 15, 2009 in San Francisco.  (See video below & please take the poll at the bottom of the post.) Continue reading

Jimmy Herring & Derek Trucks in a Quartett

10 Apr

You don’t have to imagine it, you can hear Jimmy and Derek accompanied by drums and bass.

Jimmy Herring 2009 @ Beacon

It happened at the Cotton Club Continue reading

Ongoing Review of Santana & Derek Trucks

2 May

Here’s Carlos sitting in with the Derek Trucks Band doing Greensleeves: April 10, 2008.

Santana rocks the Hard Rock

BY MICHAEL HAMERSLY, May 1, 2008 Miami Herald

Carlos Santana proved once again that he’s one of the world’s all-time great guitarists Wednesday night at a sold-out Hard Rock Live Arena at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood. The 60-year-old rocker visited every phase of his storied career, pleasing purists at the start with lengthy instrumental jams that ventured into blues and jazz excursions, his whirlwind solos soaring with pristine clarity. Continue reading

A Duane Allman Experience

24 Mar


Seeing Duane Allman play live was a life altering event for me. Just as we’ve come to accept the notion of a soulmate, I personally believe there is a musical equivalent. Locked in our core, each of us has musical soul waiting to be set free, and if we’re fortunate we’ll encounter the key. In my case it happened while I was still a teenager, when I experienced Duane Allman on stage at the Peabody Auditorium in Daytona Beach, Florida – September 16, 1970 to be exact. Continue reading


19 Dec

Sheryl Crow & Eric Clapton – Merry Christmas Baby (1999)

In my mind, Ray Charles and Eric Clapton have much in common. Two absolute music legends who transcend labels. They both shared the stage with an extraordinary array of performers, often adding an unforgettable quality to much of what they did on stage. Next year I’ll do a Ray retrospective, but this year have a look at Clapton’s incredible career – arguably the best all-around white blues musician of all time. Continue reading

Derek Trucks at the Frankfurt Jazz Festival – Oct. 25th, 2007

31 Oct


I caught five concerts during the Derek Trucks Band’s 2005 European tour. Continue reading

Paul Harvey interviews Derek Trucks & Barbara Dennerlein

5 Oct


Paul Harvey & Derek Trucks

NOTE: March 1, 2009 – this is not the late Paul Harvey of American radio.

Paul Harvey of NPS Radio 6 in the Netherlands knows music. In 2003 he interviewed Derek Trucks by telephone – Derek’s first radio interview in Europe. Paul was quick to recognize Derek’s extraordinary talent and set about organizing a highly creative series of concerts featuring the Derek Trucks Band along with several special guests. Under the interview is an introduction to the event that took place in October of 2005 written by Paul :

This is the portion of the 2005 interview that aired on Dutch radio: Continue reading