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Duane Allman @ 70

6 Nov


This month marks Duane Allman’s 70th birthday. If you are a fan be sure to check out Photo tab on Talking2musicians with lots of b/w photos brought to life with color  There’s also my epic Duane Allman profile piece on the web most popular jazz website, AllAboutJazz.

Derek Trucks & John Mayer play for BB King

13 Dec

BB King was only a couple of weeks away from his 87th birthday when he played the Hollywood Bowl on Sept. 5, 2012.  For the finale he was joined on stage by Susan Tedeschi, Derek Trucks, and John Mayer.

Even now BB King tours nearly 300 nights a year, clearly the love he gives and receives keeps him going.  I was lucky enough to catch BB King in a small lounge in Reno, Nevada in 1973 and it remains a vivid memory.

Here’s a tip, rent or buy his DVD about his life, it has interviews with Clapton, Santana, Derek Trucks, Dr. John and many, many more.  It is a wonderful film about an amazing person.

Carlos Santana with the Allman Brothers Band

12 Aug





Talkin’ Blues with Jimmy Herring

27 Dec

Check out my interview with Jimmy Herring on All About Jazz.

25 Essential Albums: 1960 – 1974, a guide for music fans under 30

13 Oct


This photo from August 1969 shows people on the way to Woodstock.  A month earlier they watched people walk on the Moon, Continue reading

Guitar Magic – Carlos Santana with Derek Trucks

8 Oct

11 dt cs

Can you believe this!?!

Can you believe this!?!

8 dt csspoke with Derek Trucks about Carlos Santana  just before the Allman Brothers’ big 40th anniversary and concert run at the Beacon Theater in NYC.  Of course there was no sense in asking him if Eric Clapton or Santana would be dt csshowing up at the Beacon, all of the band was sworn to secrecy.  As we know, E.C. did show up.  He played two nights and it certainly lived up to all my personal expectations.  I thought to myself, it just doesn’t get any better than this – and then I saw the clips of Carlos Santana sitting in with the Derek Trucks Band on April 15, 2009 in San Francisco.  (See video below & please take the poll at the bottom of the post.) Continue reading

The Youngest Musician @ Woodstock

22 Nov

(Daily Motion has a brief ad before the video)

Drummer MICHAEL SHRIEVE had just turned 19 when Santana, a relatively unknown band, performed at Woodstock in 1969. Here is the speech Michael gave at his induction into the Roll & Roll Hall of Fame:

When I was 16 years old, I called up about a dozen of my musician friends and asked if they wanted to drive up to the Fillmore with me and see if we could sit in. Michael Bloomfield, Steven Stills and Al Kooper were playing together, billed as Continue reading

A Dozen Jaw Dropping Musical Performances on YouTube

28 Sep

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