Duane Allman Solos brought to life by Billionaire Music Lover

8 Jan

Forgive the headline hook, but that’s my own personal fantasy.  Before going to sleep last night, I listened to a recording of the Allman Brothers Band from January 23, 1971.  They were opening for Delaney and Bonnie at the Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY.

If you’re a serious Allman Brothers fan, you recall the laid back crowd reactions on the Fillmore recordings. Without even hearing any music, this crowd reaction will give you an indication of just how smoking hot Duane Allman and the band were that night in 1971.

That caused me to fantasize about music loving billionaires Paul Allen and Mark Cuban deciding to have some of Duane Allman’s greatest solos not only remastered with 2014 state of the art technology, but taking it a step further by re-recording the background music with top musicians.

Clint Eastwood did something similar 25 years ago (1988) when he commissioned the soundtrack for his movie “Bird” about Charlie Parker.  They digitally grabbed Bird’s sax solos and re-recorded  the background.  Here’s the all music review:

“Through the miracle of modern technology and countless hours of studio toil, producer Lennie Niehaus matches original solos by alto sax titan Charlie “Bird” Parker with accompaniment by modern players. The sidemen playing with the long-dead legend include bassists Ron Carter and Ray Brown, drummer John Guerin, and trumpeter Jon Faddis. It’s a treat to hear Bird’s brilliance in crystal-clear stereo, although the too-loud crowd noise from the original recordings on four of the 11 tracks is disconcerting. The soundtrack is from a celluloid tribute by jazz fan Clint Eastwood.”

This is a bit of the resulting music.

That was possible 25 years ago.  Eight years ago (2006) something similar happened when some concert tapes of Ray Charles where discovered.  The vocal tracks were fairly well recorded, but the background music was of a much lesser quality.  So the vocal was lifted and enhanced and again, the background music was re-recorded.  The result was pretty spectacular.  Here’s a promo about the project:

The vocals and the guitar solos aren’t too bad on this Allman Brothers Concert recording, but the bass, drums and organ are more static than music.  (You can listen to the concert and many more here.) How amazing it would be to give new life to Duane Allman’s amazing solos.  Right now we can only dream.


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