Allman Brothers Band 2010 NYC Run – Ongoing Update

14 Mar

The Allman Brothers 2010 NYC run was not as exciting as last year’s 40th anniversary celebration, but I got the sense that there was a new and improved group dynamic.  If you watch the ABB 2004 commercial DVD and compare it to this 2010 run, you’ll notice a shift in leadership.  Warren, Derek and Oteil are now on much more of an equal footing.  Otiel in particular has really emerged as an important force.

Otiel is a musician’s musician, musically on top of his game, appreciative of others’ playing, enthusiastic and supportive, and now ready to take his rightful place on stage.  I was really surprised by his voice when he sang Anyday, he has a strong voice and creative phrasing, and his bass playing is simply great.  He’s a joy to watch on stage, he’s all about the music.

In 2004 Warren seemed firmly in control, but Derek has stepped up and along with Oteil the three of them seem to have found the right dynamic.

Doyle Bramhall II

March 19th was a particularly good show.  There’s a reason Clapton has Doyle Bramhall II in his touring band, he brings the best out of his fellow musicians.  Like Albert King, he plays a right-handed guitar upside down and sings with unaffected and soulful authenticity.  Warren and Derek were great backing him up, and on Dreams Derek’s solo, perhaps motivated by Doyle’s presence, was extraordinary.  The whole show was great.

Junior Mack tearin' up Stormy Monday

March 19th Encore

March 19th Encore

Lucky Devils!!!


The band sounds really tight, they’ve freshened up their approach to some of the older songs, added some new material, and the Moogis audio mix sounds much better to me.  The video resolution is surprisingly good.  More as time allows, for now I’m going to concentrate on shots with guests.


March 18th   Guests Scott Sharrad & Jay Collins (both have worked with the G.Allman Band)

Jay Collins Sax

March 12th   Guest     Susan Tedeschi

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