Beatles For Sale – Again – Remastered, is it worth it?

26 Sep


After more than forty years I hated the idea of re-buying a Beatles recording.  Despite all the hype, how much could they really improve 4-track analogue recordings made in the 60’s? I had read a couple of blog posts which mocked the idea and called the CDs a waste of money.

But after hearing what George Martin’s son had done with his re-mix for the Beatles’ “Love” CD, I thought I would order a couple of my favorite recordings to hear for myself. I must admit that I hoped I wouldn’t hear much of a difference.

I picked a couple of early recording, when they were still very much a band and John and Paul were still truly collaborating.  So I got “A Hard Day’s Night” and “The Beatles for Sale.”

Bottom Line:  Bad news, the sound is dramatically better and I’m going to buy more Beatles CDs.

You get the sensation that the engineers were able to separate and pretty much extract each instrument and vocal.  The tracks were then laid down over each other resulting in a much higher level of clarity and crispness, the percussion: cymbals, drums, and hand claps are startlingly pronounced.  The result is a layered sound with a lot of depth.

My suggestion, buy a re-master of your favorite Beatles CD, get out your headphones and compare it to your other CD.   I suspect you too will be re-buying others.


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