Derek Trucks in Japan

5 Apr

In late November 2007 the Derek Trucks Band did a tour in Japan. These shows haven’t received the attention they deserve on, so I thought I’d present some of my favorite moments.

Thanks to the great tapers in Toyko!

Date: November 25, 2007
Venue: Yebisu The Garden Hall

Source: Rode NT4 > Edirol UA-5 Digi-mod (Digital 44.1 kHz 16 Bit) > iriver iHP-120 Rockbox (Digital) > Sound Forge 8.0 (R Channel +1.4dB, Normalize, Fade) > CD wave (Split Tracks) > FLAC (Level 8)
Taped by: Watanabe Satoshi
Transferred by: Watanabe Satoshi

Garden Hall, Ebisu, Tokyo, Japan
Source : (5th Low, Lighit Side) Sennheiser MKE40-60 > LUNATEC V2 > KORG MR1(Wav24bit/48)
Transfered : KORG MR1(Wav24bit/48) > USB > iMac> Audio Gate(Wav16bit/44) > Toast8 > CDR > EAC > Wav > Flac(Level8)
Taped & Transfered by 1046
Flaced & Uploaded by Oira


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