TuTu Jones – I’m For Real

2 Aug

Tutu Jones picked the right title for his 1994 debut CD. Tutu, born John Jones Jr., didn’t arrive late to ride the blues wave, he was literally born to play the blues. His father John B. Jones and his uncle L.C. Clark were respected guitarists and Tutu grew up around bluesmen like Freddie King and Little Joe Blue.

Like Dennis Chambers, Tutu was playing drums in night clubs before he was even in elementary school. He went on to become a professional drummer, touring Texas as a teenager. Around this time he took up guitar and eventually made the switch.

It would be interesting to hear some more about his switch to guitar. In any case, you can hear the influences of Stevie Ray, Albert Collins, Albert King, and Freddie King in his playing, but Tutu has his own sound and style.

I was particularly impressed by his song writing on this CD. Tutu incorporates just enough R&B in his blues to make his music seem fresh and personal. Rather than covering blues standards that have been done and redone countless times, younger blues bands would do well to mine some of the treasures on this CD. You can listen to two minutes of music from the CD, it’s mostly guitar introductions, but I assure you Tutu is a fine blues singer. Visit his website for more audio clips from this and his more recent CDs.



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