Barbara Dennerlein to play America’s Largest Pipe Organ

13 Jul

On Wednesday August 1st at 7 pm Barbara Dennerlein will be at Philadelphia’s Kimmel Center playing America’s Largest Concert Hall Organ! It ranks as the largest concert hall organ in the United States. With its nearly 7,000 pipes, four blowers, 300 levels of memory, 111 stops, pipe sizes ranging from about the size of a drinking straw up to two feet square by 32 feet high, this is truly the King of Instruments!

Having a jazz Hammond B3 player will be quite a shift from the musicians who preceded her, including a former Organist and Director of Cathedral Concerts at New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

It is going to be a real challenge given her limited time for preparation – this is a very complex instrument, but she has a great deal of experience on pipe organs and performs regular tours here in Europe, and also has a CD done on a pipe organ.

You can get tickets here

The next night she will be in New York at the elegant Joe’s Pub for a jazz gig.


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