Jazz classic with blisteringly fast solos – Dennis Chambers, Barbara Dennerlein, Mitch Watkins

4 Jul


In In the following 10 minute video you will see Dennis Chambers and Barbara Dennerlein – arguably two of the most gifted jazz players around today.

Chambers began playing drums at age four and was doing nightclub gigs at age six. Although he is completely devoid of formal training, he is considered one of the greatest drummers of his generation.

Dennerlein began playing organ at age eleven and had 18 months of lessons, apart from the basics, she was essentially self taught. At fifteen she was already headlining in Munich’s jazz clubs. It’s not easy for a European to make it in the jazz world, female instrumentalist are also rare, and a left handed keyboard players has a natural disadvantage – but Dennerlein, a five time Downbeat Critics Poll winner is the exception.

Carlos Santana, a master of powerful rhythm sections, made the wise decision to hire Dennis for his 2006 tour. Dennerlein has praised Santana in interviews, imagine Dennis Chambers, Barbara Dennerlein and Carlos Santana together 🙂


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